Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Latest Issue... Now with Less Summarization!

Many of you have let me know that I summarize a bit too much in my reviews, and you're right! I've come to realize that I'm letting too much of the plot come off in my reviews, even unintentionally, and now the new, leaner reviews I've tried out the last couple of times have worked better than I could have imagined! So from now on, no more plot spoilers for those of you who simply enjoy me berating the hell out of Omega: The Unknown for paragraphs on end. I'll review, and hopefully you'll read these titles on your own and feel the same way I do.


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Kevin Caron said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. Steve has been far more guilty of over-summarizing in his comics reviews. Did you catch his review of Thor 243-245? He got so caught up in re-telling the story, panel for panel, caption for caption, that he actually transcribed an entire 'Grit' ad. Verbatim.